Dead Air
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Broadcast Date  22 September 1992
Season  1
Broadcast Order  10th
Episode Number  11
Production Number  110
Writer  Alison Bingeman
Director  Steve DiMarco
Previous Story: I Will Repay

Next Story: Hunters

Oh, come on, Nick! You know that I worry for you? Every time, you fall for this damsel in distress routine!
— Schanke, Dead Air


A pop radio psychiatrist is horrified because one of her call-in listeners commits murder while she is on the air and Nick helps her get her confidence back.

Guest CastEdit

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  • Lacroix: Because he's nothing, Nicholas: that's why he's going to die. And because we're nothing, Nicholas: that's why he's going to die slowly.

  • Lacroix: Nicholas, I hope that someday you will come to realize and appreciate the greater depths of satisfaction that can be found in killing. For the pleasure. For the sheer creativity of doing it.


Behind the ScenesEdit


The flashback scenes suggest LaCroix is considerably older than he was later revealed to be in A More Permanent Hell. His references to Oedipus may be an allusion to the kind of relationship his vampiric mother (Divia) wanted to have.

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