Sadly, many fan websites of yore no longer exist. The owner has perhaps died, or moved on to another fandom, or can no longer afford to pay for the site, or changed Internet Service Providers and not moved the site to the new ISP.

Where a fair amount is known about a defunct website, it has been given its own article in the Forever Knight wiki. There is an alphabetical listing of these articles. Unfortunately, in all too many instances, only the name and old web address of the site is still known.

If you know of any additional websites that no longer exist, please add them to the list.
If you have information about any of these websites, please add it to the wiki. We are very interested in learning more about them.
If you are looking for information about a former GeoCities website, please go to GeoCities websites.
If you are looking for information about a former FortuneCity website, please go to FortuneCity websites.

List of Defunct Fan WebsitesEdit

Sites with Wiki PagesEdit

The following sites have their own pages on this wiki.

Archived SitesEdit

The following websites—which do not yet have their own pages on this wiki—are no longer available at their original locations, but have been preserved by the Archive Project. It should be noted that the quality of the copies is highly variable: some are almost complete; but others are missing pages, and many are missing some or all of their sound files and graphics, including screen captures.

Sites Not ArchivedEdit

The following sites were never archived, and little is known about them.

New Additions/Not Checked YetEdit

The following sites still need to be checked to see if they have been archived.

If you know of any additional Forever Knight sites not listed already but are uncertain whether they have been recorded by the Archive Project, please add them here.

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