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Detective Norton

Detective Norton appeared in the historical flashback in the episode Forward Into the Past. He worked at the 96th Precinct police station in the 1950s.

When Nick Knight's friend Gordon Barrington died in an apparent car accident and his wife confided in Nick that she was sure it was murder, Nick went to the police station to report her suspicions.
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Nick found Det. Norton taking a break.

He found Det. Norton in his office reading the Racing Form, probably on a coffee break, and clearly unwilling to be interrupted for something he felt a waste of time. There was no evidence that the death was anything but an accident. As for Katherine Barrington's belief that her husband had been killed by his business partner, Jeremy Stanton, Det. Norton clearly was very impressed with Stanton's connections and influence in Toronto society, especially at City Hall. Nick left, sure that Katherine was in danger and the police would do nothing.

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