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in "Faithful Followers", Natalie accesses a diagram of the human digestive system.

In the Season Two episode, "Faithful Followers", Dr. Natalie Lambert is looking at a diagram of the human digestive system on her computer when she is interrupted by Det. Don Schanke.

Schanke is concerned about his partner, Nick Knight, who has gone undercover at a cult named Luminology. Knight had not checked in for several days; so Schanke had gone to the cult headquarters to locate him, only to find that the other detective was acting very oddly. Fearing that the cult had somehow got to him, Schanke comes to Dr. Lambert—also a friend of Knight's—to express his concern. Although she tries to reassure him, his account actually worries her, also.

Description of DiagramEdit

The diagram appears to have been opened in a large on-screen window covering most of the computer screen. However, a little of the underlying full-size window (which has a blue background) can be seen on the right-hand side of the screen.

On the right side of the window is the stylized shape of a human body, seen from the front. Most of the shape is grey; but the centre of the torso has a superimposed box outline, within which is a sketch of the digestive tract, in a flesh tone. An expanded, detailed version of the contents of the box can be seen on the left side of the window. It excludes all but the lowest portion of the œsophagus, but includes the stomach, liver, and small and large intestines down to the anus.

Most of the tabs are illegible. However, below the stylized human shape on the right there are controls to adjust the size of the image on the left. These consist of three circles: the one on the left is labelled MIN; the central one is unlabelled; and the one on the right is labelled MAX. Above is the legend, "Zoom Level".

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