Donald Fenner
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Donald Fenner (from Dark Knight and Dark Knight: The Second Chapter.
Died 1992, Toronto (vampire bite)
Portrayed By Graham McPherson

The role of Donald Fenner is played by Graham McPherson in the Season One episodes Dark Knight (1992 Pilot) and Dark Knight: The Second Chapter.

Donald Fenner's mother had died from hepatitis she contracted during a blood transfusion during surgery. To avenge her death and find her 'murderer,' Fenner is killing every homeless person who has donated Type O blood in the area.

To avoid capture, Fenner cuts the breaklines on the Caddy, nearly killing Schanke (driving). He attacks Jeannie, a young homless girl Nick has befriended but she escapes and runs to Nick's loft for safely. Fenner tries to kill Jeannie and Dr. Alyce Hunter at the loft - a fire starts during their struggle. Nick rescues Jeannie and orders her to leave, then attempts to rescue Alyce Hunter by braving the flames. While Nick is trapped on the other side of the room, beyond the flames, LaCroix arrives and bites Fenner, killing him.

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