Dorian is an original character who appeared in a series of fan novels and novellas by Susan M. Garrett. It is Dorian's job to collect the history of the vampires and preserve it - thus every vampire is required to attend an 'Interview' when Dorian calls. Dorian works for/is supported by the Enforcers, and has the power of judge, jury, and executioner if he finds that the vampire being interviewed has broken the law overseen by the Enforcers.

The appearances of Dorian are as follows:

  1. False Heart - novel
  2. "In One's Own Coin" - short story (Adult), that details Dorian's Interview of Janette, as alluded to in False Heart
  3. Kind Soul - novel
  4. Noble Mind - novel - WIP

Dorian achieved a certain popularity with Forever Knight fan fiction readers, which led to his appearance in the FKWar 3 and the founding of a faction dedicated to him - the Archivist's Assistants.

With Susan's permission, Dorian made an occasional appearance in other writers' fan fiction stories.

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