Double or Nothing
Author Susan M. Garrett
Date 1999
Rating/Warning PG
Genres Drama
Format Novella
[NO Archive Location]

Story RecapEdit

A sniper who takes potshots at Nick isn't after the police detective, but his double, a con-man by the name of Reilly Constable who's brought in as a suspect in a murder case. Nick decides to take on the man's identity to flush out the sniper and discovers that he's a little out of practice walking in a mortal man's shoes

Author's NotesEdit

Double or Nothing was a second season Forever Knight fanzine.

The zine was by Susan M. Garrett. Double or Nothing was published in 1999. It premiered at the 1999 Weekend With Ger event and the proceeds went to Children's Hospital, the designated charity of the Geraint Wyn Davies Fan Club.


  • 33 pages, 100 copies in the original printing. The Geraint Wyn Davies Fan Club published additional copies.
  • This work was never printed online.


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