Tn fire 003crop
The masked murderer known as "Dragon"
(from "The Fire Inside").
Portrayed By Randy Butcher (physical performance)
Geordie Johnson (voice)

The Dragon was a flame-thrower-wielding serial killer whose only appearance was in the episode "The Fire Inside".


Considering the Toronto’s homeless to be vermin, Dragon began stalking the city sewers with a flame-thrower sometimes emerging onto the streets to find a victim. There he murdered a homeless man who had been picking through the trash searching for food. This caused the police to notice what he had been doing and Captain Cohen sent Nick and Schanke down into the sewers to stop him. In the midst of this, Dragon murdered another homeless person, this time a woman named Maggie, while she was doing her laundry. Unfortunately for him, this more or less gave away where he was to both officers. With a CB, he posed as another officer in an attempt to find out where they were in the sewers. He encountered Nick while he was separated from Schanke, explaining who and what he was but got away. He was eventually tracked down and stopped with the help of a local resident named Danny Weathers.


Obviously a twisted serial killing lunatic, he considered himself to be a just a businessman; the bug-man, doing a dirty job that only he was capable of doing because no one else had the stomach or the no how. He usually lured his victims in with spare change. His name was his job description.

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