Dreaming of the Knight
Front and back covers of Dreaming of the Knight (art by Ann Larimer).
Author Susan M. Garrett
Date 1994
Where posted NA
Rating/Warning PG
Genres Drama
Format Novella
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Story RecapEdit

Nick chases his heart's desire.

Author's NoteEdit

Dreaming of the Knight was a first season Forever Knight fanzine by Susan M. Garrett. This fanzine was written in January of 1994. In March of 1996, when Susan M. Garrett had submitted multiple pitches for a Forever Knight novel, at Pat Elrod's suggestion, Susan submitted the concept of this fanzine story to be changed to match the novel requirements and pitched as a third season Forever Knight novel. This pitch was accepted and rewritten as the second Forever Knight TV tie-in novel, Forever Knight: Intimations of Mortality. At that point, Dreaming of the Knight was declared out of print and no further copies were sold. This work was never published online.


Dreaming of the Knight was nominated for the 1994 Forever Knight fanzine Fan Q.


  • This zine was published in March, 1994.
  • 300 copies, with 2 special editions for charity.
  • Digest sized zine with wrap-around cover
  • Cover Artist - Ann Larimer


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