Dying to Know You
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Broadcast Date  9 June 1992
Season  1
Broadcast Order  6th
Episode Number  7
Production Number  106
Writer  Tony Sheer
Director  Brad Turner
Previous Story: Dance by the Light of the Moon

Next Story: False Witness

Why is it when the sky opens up, I'm always the one without an umbrella?
— Stonetree, Dying to Know You


A rich man's wife and daughter are kidnapped and Nick needs to work with a psychic to find them. Problem is, she keeps seeing snippets of his past.

Guest CastEdit

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  • SCHANKE: "Don't worry, sir, we'll find your family. Without the bugabuga stuff."

  • SCHANKE: "Well I don't buy any of it. Psychics. And rich people with their rich kinky problems. Did you the size of that limousine? I figure the wife had a little fling with the chauffeur and the daughter did too and all three of them are mamboing in Mexico."
    (Nick finds the chauffeur's body.)
    NICK: "Well, if they are, they didn't take the chauffeur."

  • NATALIE: Protein doesn't have to be red to be potent.

  • STONETREE: Why is it when the sky opens up, I'm always the one without an umbrella?

  • NATALIE: "Tell her the truth, Nick. I know what you are and it hasn't made me crazy."
    NICK: "Maybe you're one of a kind, Nat."
    NATALIE: "That's what I've been trying to tell you for ages."
    NICK: "Of course, you might be the craziest of them all."


Behind the ScenesEdit

  • The episode was originally broadcast in Germany with the title "Tödliche Blicke" ("Deadly Looks").


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