Focus the Enforcers
Status defunct
Websites Forever Knight's Enforcements
War Activity War 10
Faction logo, as seen on their website.
Enforcements icon01
Faction icon, created by Greer Watson in 2012.

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The Enforcements are Forever Knight fans who appreciate the Enforcers. The faction was established around May 1999, with a mailing list and a website. It was quite active that summer, taking part in War Ten, and then faded away.

The Enforcements expanded considerably on the activities of the Enforcers from their one canonical appearance in "Unreality TV", creating in their fan fiction a world-wide organization that they dubbed the "Enforcer Guild". In their stories, they included a number of fanonical Enforcer characters.

For details, see Enforcers in Enforcements Fan Fiction.

Several places were created by the Enforcements in their fiction and war posts, including the Esmeralda, a vampire club in New York City; and the Blackwood Arms Hotel, a fictional chain of Enforcer-owned hotels with branches in every major city in the world.

Members of the Enforcements were given military ranks, a description of which is given on the "Ranks" page of their website. The "Members" page lists the faction members' ranks as well as their names.

Faction WebsitesEdit

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Faction HeadquartersEdit

The Enforcements headquarters in Toronto during War 10 was in the Canada Trust Tower (which actually exists as an office building). The Enforcements' occupy the B1 and B2 floors; and their website included schematics of each floor. "We plan, train, and party here. Our door is plain white with a single "E" on it."[1]

FK WarsEdit

The Enforcements took part in only one war as a separate faction, War Ten.

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  1. Quoted from the Locations page on the faction website.