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Broken Hearts
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Tracy weeps at the thought of losing her uncle.
Author Greer Watson
Date posted 16 January 2005
Rating/Warning PG
Genres episode of virtual season
Format script (modified)
Series FK4
Previous FK412: The Arcane Art
Next FK414: A Richer Dust
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Screen capture of the homepage for
"Broken Hearts".
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"Broken Hearts".

Nick investigates a hit-and-run murder, while Tracy's uncle waits for a heart transplant.

Think of me, Trace. Think of what I am. Of what I've been. Of what I've seen. Centuries of life. Centuries of death.
— Vachon, Broken Hearts


1230s, France. Nick receives a letter from his sister telling him that their mother is dying.


Series RegularsEdit


  • Sonny Vetter
  • Rena Vetter
  • Ed Diamond
  • Faith Diamond
  • Gail Fernandez
  • Sally Lawson
  • doctor at Sunnybrook Hospital
  • nurse at Toronto General Hospital
  • witness
  • middle-aged detective
  • neighbour of the Lawsons


Other InformationEdit

"Broken Hearts" is the thirteenth episode in FK4, a virtual fourth season for the television series Forever Knight written by Greer Watson. FK4 is based on the premise that the series finale, "Last Knight", never took place.

  • Rating: PG
  • Date Completed: January 1999
  • Order Written: 16
  • Date Posted: 16/01/2005
  • Website: FK4

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