Cover Story
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A courtroom in the Ontario Court of Justice.
Author Greer Watson
Date posted 1 May 2005
Rating/Warning PG
Genres episode of virtual season
Format script (modified)
Series FK4
Previous FK420: Confession is Good for the Soul
Next FK422: Chef's Special
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"Cover Story".

While Natalie is at a conference, the body of a vampire victim is autopsied by another pathologist.

LaCroix has a fine touch. I don't like to admit it, but...there are things he's better at.
— Nick, Cover Story


14th century, France. Nick and LaCroix are unable to rescue Janette, who has been imprisoned by mortals who plan to burn her at the stake as a succubus.

Vampire LoreEdit

Vampires normally dispose discreetly of their victims' bodies. However, drained corpses are occasionally discovered by accident. In such cases, the community has become very experienced at covering up the cause of death.


Series RegularsEdit

Recurring CharactersEdit

  • Mark Seymour


  • Dirk Scarber
  • Officer Margot Cavaliere
  • Dr. Aaron Springfield
  • McCarthy
  • judge
  • Crown attorney
  • court clerk

Other InformationEdit

"Cover Story" is the twenty-first episode in FK4, a virtual fourth season for the television series Forever Knight written by Greer Watson. FK4 is based on the premise that the series finale, "Last Knight", never took place.

  • Rating: PG
  • Date Completed: September 1999 (started summer 1998)
  • Order Written: 18
  • Date Posted: 01/05/2005
  • Website: FK4

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