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FK Fic Fest is a ficathon for Forever Knight-based fan fiction. It has been run annually since 2010. For the first two years, its moderators were brightknightie and amilyn. Since then, the former has been sole moderator.

The community debuted on LiveJournal on 11 October 2009 with the expressed intention of holding a fan fiction ficathon in the spring of 2010, with the stories to be made available starting in the week of 18 May 2010. This date was selected as the fourteenth anniversary of the first airing of the series finale, "Last Knight".

In 2011, in advance of a second ficathon, FK Fic Fest became jointly a Dreamwidth and LiveJournal community, with admin posts made on both sites. An archive for FK Fic Fest stories was also created within Archive of Our Own (AO3). Starting in 2012, stories were uploaded directly to the archive, with only admin posts and story announcements being posted to LiveJournal and Dreamwidth.

In 2012, the ficathon was expanded to allow participants to create visual works of art in fulfilment of their prompt. In the event, everyone that year wrote fiction. However, a picture was created in 2013 by one of the players.

In 2014, for the first time, crossovers were allowed, provided more than half the content was FK related.


As FK Fic Fest is run on LiveJournal and Dreamwidth, where userpics are normally employed by members for visual identification, a set of such icons was created by brightknightie for use by the moderators. She also created the ficathon's logo, and the header for the community's site.


Used by any moderator speaking for the community as a whole.


Used by brightknightie as co-moderator (2010-2011)


Used by amilyn as co-moderator (2010-2011)


Used by brightknightie as sole moderator (from 2012).


The rules have been slightly modified each year.


Sign-ups were open from 18 February 2010 to 18 March 2010. Each player submitted three prompts, one in each of the following categories:

  • Gen: a "gen" story is primarily about anything except romantic and/or sexual relationships or activities.
  • Pairing: a "pairing" story is primarily about romantic and/or sexual relationships or activities.
  • Wildcard: a "wildcard" prompt may be anything you like.

The prompts were then sorted and assigned by the moderators; and each player received their assigned prompts on or around 21 March 2010.

Each player agreed to write at least one story to the prompts received (though ultimately some submitted more than one). The minimum length for the story was 1000 words. All stories were to be beta-read.


Sign-ups were open from 20 April 2011 to 20 May 2011. As in the previous year, each player submitted three prompts in the same three categories, and received three prompts submitted by one of the other players to which they wrote (at least) one story. The minimum length for the story was 1000 words, and it had to be short enough to fit on no more than five (5) LiveJournal posts. The institution of an upper limit on the length of the story reflects the maximum number of permitted posts in the LJ queue, and resulted from the nuisance caused by a novel-length story the previous year.


Sign-ups were open from 5 May to 25 May 2012. As in previous years, each player submitted three prompts in the same three categories, and received three prompts submitted by one of the other players. However, for the first time, they had the option of responding either by writing (at least) one story to one of the prompts, or by creating a piece of visual art. As part of signing up, all players stated whether they wished to play as a writer or as a visual artist, and whether they preferred to receive a story or a picture. Stories had to be at least 1000 words long. Pictures had to be at least 500px x 500px in size and "created from scratch", i.e. by hand or "by mouse", but not a photo-manipulation.[1]

Stories were uploaded directly to the FK Fic Fest archive at AO3. As a result, there was no longer a maximum size limit for stories.


Sign-ups were open from 7 April 2013 to 17 May 2013, with the same rules as in the previous year.


Sign-ups were officially open from 21 May 2014 to 7 June 2013, with an extension through into the following day.

As an experiment, (1) multiple related small stories could be written, provided they added up to the 1,000 word minimum; and (2) with certain requirements, crossovers were permitted. Players submitted 3 or 4 prompts, with the fourth optional prompt being a crossover. For any player choosing to write the crossover prompt, more than half the story had to be Forever Knight. Up to three potential crossover fandoms could be listed.

In other respects, the rules remained unchanged.

FK Fic Fest 2010Edit

After making the matches, the moderators sent out prompts to the recipients in the evening of 20 March 2010.


The following 21 people initially signed up to play:

abby82, amilyn, ankhsenet, brightknightie, celli, foxy11814, gnosticdiva, greerwatson, havocthecat, hearts_blood, leela_cat, lisamcdavid, malinaldarose, merfilly, natmerc, nikfix1228, pj1228, skieswideopen, twilight2000, waltd, and wiliqueen.

One person dropped out without penalty before the deadline to default in good grace (18 April 2010).

Receipt of StoriesEdit

By the rules, all stories had to be posted to the community by 16 May 2010, where they were kept in queue until released by the moderators. In fact, one person received an extension because of serious illness, and permission was granted to the author of an nine-post novel to finish posting remaining installments after the deadline.

Pinch hit assignments were made at that time.

Release of StoriesEdit

As a general rule, two stories were released each day (except very large stories at one per day) in the order in which they were submitted. However, multiple separate stories by any single player were spaced out; and shorter stories were shifted around very large ones to keep the two-a-day pattern.


The following are the stories that were written for FK Fic Fest 2010:

Title Author Recipient Date Posted Release Date
"Heart of Darkness" twilight2000 abby82 28/Apr/2010 18/May/2010
"Plus ça change" pj1228 merfilly 4/May/2010 18/May/2010
"Trials of Conscience" merfilly skieswideopen 11/May/2010 19/May/2010
"A Contradiction in Terms" hearts_blood amilyn 12/May/2010 19/May/2010
"Unusual" waltd malinaldarose 12/May/2010 20/May/2010
"Sugar and Spice" malinaldarose greerwatson 14/May/2010 20/May/2010
"Girl Talk" nikfix1228 gnosticdiva 15/May/2010 21/May/2010
"Secrets and Sins" gnosticdiva havocthecat 15/May/2010 21/May/2010
"A Prize to Win, A Prize to Protect" foxy11814 pj1228 16/May/2010 22/May/2010
"Health, Food" celli waltd 16/May/2010 22/May/2010
"True to Life" brightknightie wiliqueen 16/May/2010 23/May/2010
"Six Impossible Things" waltd malinaldarose 14/May/2010 24/May/2010
"When Night Comes Down" havocthecat leela_cat 16/May/2010 24/May/2010
"Tea Leaves" wiliqueen nikfix1228 16/May/2010 25/May/2010
"Stones, Fjords and Umbrellas" natmerc hearts_blood 17/May/2010 25/May/2010
Attachments greerwatson celli 16/May/2010 26/May/2010
"Incident at Black Rock" waltd malinaldarose 14/May/2010 27/May/2010
"Beneath the Surface" skieswideopen natmerc 18/May/2010 27/May/2010
"Uneasy Allies in Untruth" amilyn twilight2000 23/May/2010 28/May/2010
"The Luck of the Brabantish" lisamcdavid foxy11814 24/May/2010 28/May/2010
"Theory of Lost Things" leela_cat brightknightie 27/May/2010 29/May/2010
"Freedom of the Midnight Hour" havocthecat lisamcdavid 28/May/2010 29/May/2010

Party FavoursEdit

For everyone who completed a fully-formatted, queued story before the deadline, the moderators wrote a 100-word drabble. As well, a thank-you drabble was written for the ficathon's sole pinch-hitter. These were posted on 30 May 2010.

Title Author Recipient
"The Hard Way" brightknightie twilight2000
"Adrenaline Rush" amilyn pj1228
"Conditional Love" brightknightie merfilly
"Impending" amilyn hearts_blood
"Full House" brightknightie waltd
"Impossible" amilyn malinaldarose
"Old Scars" brightknightie nikfix1228
"To Catch You When You Fall" amilyn gnosticdiva
"Mnemonic" brightknightie foxy11814
"Outside is Frightful" amilyn celli
"If You Love, Let Go" brightknightie havocthecat
"Appreciation in Instants" amilyn wiliqueen
"Just Desserts" brightknightie natmerc
"Statement of Faith" amilyn brightknightie
"The Dying of the Light" leela_cat havocthecat

Thank-You Stories for brightknightieEdit

In recognition of brightknightie's inspirational role in creating FK Fic Fest, pairing the participants, and putting together administrative posts, amilyn recruited the following stories to honour her. They were posted on 30 May 2010.

Title Author Recipient
"And the Weight of Night Upon My Shoulders" skieswideopen brightknightie
"The Cup" natmerc brightknightie
"Dream in Darkness, Dream of Light" greerwatson brightknightie
"Dreaming Spires" greerwatson brightknightie
"Heart's Blood" leela_cat brightknightie
"Long Distance Friend" merfilly brightknightie
"A Modest Proposal" greerwatson brightknightie
"Full of Grace" amilyn brightknightie
"July 22, 1916" wiliqueen brightknightie
"New Here?" twilight2000 brightknightie
"Can I Get You a Cuppa?" twilight2000 brightknightie
"One of the Few" greerwatson brightknightie

FK Fic Fest 2011Edit

After making the matches, the moderators sent out prompts to the recipients in the wee hours of 22 May 2011.


There were 19 players who signed up for the 2011 ficathon: amilyn, brightknightie, celli, deire, foxy11814, friendshipper, gnosticdiva, greerwatson, havocthecat, lafenris, lastscorpion, leela_cat, malinaldarose, merfilly, pj1228, skieswideopen, sure_i_am, twilight2000, and waltd. Fourteen of the players had taken part in the 2010 FK Fic Fest, and five were new. One player had to drop out; but, with pinch hits, a total of twenty stories were written.


The following are the stories that were written for FK Fic Fest 2011:

Title Author Recipient Date Posted Release Date
"Music of the Night" malinaldarose sure_i_am 15/July/2011 17/July/2011
"Full of Grace" lastscorpion celli 11/July/2011 17/July/2011
"Boys and their Toys" pj1228 lafenris 13/July/2011 18/July/2011
"To Not Be Alone" merfilly deire 5/July/2011 18/July/2011
"The New Guy" greerwatson lastscorpion 16/July/2011 20/July/2011
"By Any Other Name" leela_cat skieswideopen 14/July/2011 20/July/2011
"Bete Noir" lafenris foxy11814 20/July/2011 21/July/2011
"Impasse" deire amilyn 16/July/2011 21/July/2011
"Dead Reckoning" waltd greerwatson 17/July/2011 22/July/2011
"Mortal Splendour" amilyn leela_cat 17/July/2011 22/July/2011
"Treasure Hunt" friendshipper twilight2000 16/July/2011 23/July/2011
"Epiphanies?" foxy11814 waltd 15/July/2011 24/July/2011
"New Partners" twilight2000 brightknightie 19/July/2011 25/July/2011
"Nobody's Damsel" gnosticdiva pj1228 17/July/2011 25/July/2011
"From the Ashes" sure_i_am merfilly 17/July/2011 26/July/2011
"Malicious Mischief" brightknightie friendshipper 17/July/2011 26/July/2011
"An Unearthly Height" celli havocthecat 20/July/2011 27/July/2011
"The Affirmation of Self" skieswideopen malinaldarose 21/July/2011 27/July/2011
"Belonging" pj1228 lafenris /July/2011 28/July/2011
"Vampire Pirates? It's More Likely Than You Think" lastscorpion gnosticdiva 21/July/2011 28/July/2011

Party FavoursEdit

As in the previous year, the moderators wrote a 100-word drabble for everyone who completed a fully-formatted, queued story before the deadline. These were posted on 29 July 2011.

Title Author Recipient
"While the Other Survives" brightknightie twilight2000
"Breakfast in Bed" amilyn greerwatson
"No Place Like" brightknightie leela_cat
"A Good Decade" amilyn merfilly
"Rapprochement" brightknightie waltd
"The 27th Airborne" amilyn friendshipper
"Only the Medium" brightknightie lastscorpion
"For All Time" amilyn pj1228
"As Many Facets" brightknightie gnosticdiva
"We'll Have to Get Together and Talk" amilyn deire
"Red in Tooth and Claw" brightknightie lafenris
"Possession is Nine-Tenths of the Law" amilyn foxy11814
"Catharsis" brightknightie malinaldarose
"Music of the Night Sky" amilyn brightknightie
"Not Strangers" brightknightie sure_i_am
"Investigative Reporter" amilyn lastscorpion

FK Fic Fest 2012Edit

After making the matches, the moderator sent out prompts to the recipients on 27 May 2012. However, it then turned out that LiveJournal had failed to post one of the sign-ups. A week's extension was made in the successful hope of eliciting another person so that there could be a match for the additional player. All stories were submitted on time, so no pinch-hitters were needed.


The following 13 people signed up to play:

amilyn, brightknightie, deire, foxy11814, gnosticdiva, greerwatson, hearts_blood, malinaldarose, natmerc, pj1228, sure_i_am (mayhavefakedit), twilight2000, and waltd.

Release of StoriesEdit

Short stories were released two a day, organized so that readers would get stories of different types summing to more or less 6K words. The three novelettes (over 10K words) were released over the weekend.

List of StoriesEdit

The following are the stories that were written for FK Fic Fest 2012:

Title Author Recipient Date Posted Release Date
"Not in My City" Deire WaltD 27/July/2012 30/July/2012
"Buttered Noodles" malinaldarose Deire 28/July/2012 30/July/2012
"Phases of the Moon" Greer Watson PJ1228 28/July/2012 31/July/2012
""We'll Always Have New Orleans"" mayhavefakedit Twilight2000 29/July/2012 31/July/2012
"The Ties That Bind" MelissaTreglia Brightknightie 29/July/2012 1/Aug/2012
"Some Friendly Advice" hearts_blood Greer Watson 29/July/2012 1/Aug/2012
"Tinkers to Evers to Chances to Play" Twilight2000 mayhavefakedit 27/July/2012 2/Aug/2012
"Mandatory Training" natmerc malinaldarose 28/July/2012 2/Aug/2012
"Chante à Nouveau" Amy R. hearts_blood 29/July/2012 3/Aug/2012
"Knight Down" foxy11814 Amilyn 27/July/2012 4/Aug/2012
"Generations" PJ1228 foxy11814 28/July/2012 5/Aug/2012
"Circumstances Unforeseen" Amilyn MelissaTreglia 28/July/2012 6/Aug/2012
"Renovation" WaltD natmerc 29/July/2012 6/Aug/2012

Party FavoursEdit

As in previous years, there were 100-word drabbles for everyone who completed and posted a story by the deadline.

Title Author Recipient
"Stellar Drift" amilyn Deire
"Served Cold" amilyn foxy11814
"Dark Days" amilyn hearts_blood
"Matchmaking" amilyn waltd
"Spinning Yarns" amilyn malinaldarose
"Home Fires" amilyn skieswideopen
"The Long Game" amilyn twilight2000
"Long Ago and Far Away" skieswideopen brightknightie
"We All Fall Down" skieswideopen Greer Watson
"Backwards and In Corsets" skieswideopen MelissaTreglia
"The Fix is In" Amy R. (brightknightie) Amilyn
"Entropy" Amy R. (brightknightie) Natmerc
"Unsinkable" Amy R. (brightknightie) PJ1228
"Allotted Span" Amy R. (brightknightie mayhavefakedit

FK Fic Fest 2013Edit


The following 13 people signed up to play:

Amilyn, argentum_ls (LadySilver), Batdina, Brightknightie, Deire, Greerwatson, Leela_cat, MelissaTreglia, PJ1228, Skieswideopen, Twilight2000, Vorpalblades, and WaltD. In addition, NatMerc signed up as a possible pinch-hitter.

Release of Stories & IllustrationsEdit

In 2013 there was, for the first time, an illustration offered by one player. As well, there were twelve stories. Ten were completed by the deadline, and the others promised and delivered thereafter; so no pinch-hits were required.

List of Stories and IllustrationsEdit

The following are the stories and illustrations that were produced for FK Fic Fest 2013:

Title Author Recipient Date Posted Release Date
"Moving Forward" Twilight2000 WaltD 27/July/2013 29/July/2013
"Bless the Child" MelissaTreglia LadySilver 28/July/2013 29/July/2013
"Shift" Greer Watson Deire 28/July/2013 30/July/2013
"Never Saw This World Before" argentum_ls (LadySilver) PJ1228 28/July/2013 30/July/2013
"Tangled" Amilyn Twilight2000 28/July/2013 31/July/2013
"From Chance to Choice" Leela Greer Watson 31/July/2013 31/July/2013
"Closer to the Renaissance" Amy R. batdina 28/July/2013 1/Aug/2013
"Six Episode Tags: Five Times Where
Janette Went to Natalie, One
Time Where Natalie Went to Janette,
and an Epilogue
waltd amilyn 28/July/2013 1/Aug/2013
"Talking Points" vorpalblades leela_cat 28/July/2013 2/Aug/2013
"A Time of Consequences" batdina skieswideopen 2/Aug/2013 2/Aug/2013
"A Moment in Time" (artwork) deire gnosticdiva 28/July/2013 3/Aug/2013
"Knight on Duty" pj1228 vorpalblades 27/July/2013 3/Aug/2013
"By Light of Day" skieswideopen brightknightie 4/Aug/2013 4/Aug/2013

Party FavoursEdit

For the first time, there were no official "party favours" written for those partipants who had completed their stories on time. However, amilyn instead opened the Dead Dog Party for 2013 (held on fkcommentfic) by writing ficlets all round.

FK Fic Fest 2014Edit

Assignments were sent out on 9 June 2014, with stories due on 9 August 2014. Although not all were completed by the deadline, the others were promised and delivered shortly thereafter; so no pinch-hits were required. Stories were released at a rate of one per day, starting on 11 August 2014.

Although, as in the previous year, visual art was permitted, no one actually did any. However, one person did write a crossover story.


The following 9 people signed up to play:

batdina, brightknightie, greerwatson, lastscorpion, leela_cat, gnosticdiva (melissatreglia), pj1228, twilight2000, waltd.

List of StoriesEdit

The following are the stories and illustrations that were produced for FK Fic Fest 2014:

Title Author Recipient Date Posted Release Date
"Never What it Seems" LastScorpion PJ1228 8/August/2014 11/August/2014
"A Twinge in an Old Wound" greerwatson batdina 5/August/2014 12/August/2014
"To Live Forever" Leela waltd 10/August/2014 13/August/2014
"The Long Way Home" Twilight2000 MelissaTreglia 10/August/2014 14/August/2014
"How to Disappear Completely" PJ1228 Twilight2000 9/August/2014 15/August/2014
"Janette in Love(?)" WaltD lastscorpion 10/August/2014 16/August/2014
"Rock Bottom" gnosticdiva leela_cat 10/August/2014 17/August/2014
"Missing Persons" brightknightie greerwatson 10/August/2014 18/August/2014
"Preserve Your Memories" batdina brightknightie 12/August/2014 19/August/2014

FK Fic Fest 2015Edit


The following 13 people signed up to play:

argentum_ls/LadySilver, brightknightie, celli, dlyt, greerwatson, havocthecat, lastscorpion, gnosticdiva/melissatreglia, pj1228, sharpest_asp/merfilly, skieswideopen, vorpalblades, waltd.

List of Stories and IllustrationsEdit

The following are the stories and illustrations that were produced for FK Fic Fest 2015:

Title Author Recipient Date Posted Release Date
"One Last Drink" lastscorpion skieswideopen 17/August/2015 24/August/2015
"Wake the Morning After" brightknightie melissatreglia 22/August/2015 25/August/2015
"Family from the Ashes" Merfilly argentum_ls 27/July/2015 26/August/2015
"On-the-Job Training" vorpalblades greerwatson 23/August/2015 27/August/2015
"Ministrations and Manipulations" dlyt merfilly 21/August/2015 28/August/2015
"Vale of Mysteries" WaltD celli 20/August/2015 29/August/2015
"No Requiem" MelissaTreglia WaltD 24/August/2015 30/August/2015
"Perfect Specimens" celli LastScorpion 23/August/2015 31/August/2015
"En Vacances" greerwatson havocthecat 23/August/2015 1/September/2015
"A Dozen in a Single Night" PJ1228 dlyt 22/August/2015 2/September/2015
"One Pin Short" skieswideopen vorpalblades 25/August/2015 3/September/2015
"Mortal Mistakes" argentum_ls PJ1228 23/August/2015 4/September/2015
"Through the Compass of the Years" havocthecat brightknightie (5/September/2015) 5/September/2015

FK Fic Fest 2016Edit

Assignments were sent out on 26 June 2016, with stories due at midnight on 24 September 2016. The deadline was extended, and all were delivered by the noon the following day; so no pinch-hits were required. Stories were released at a rate of one per day, starting on 26 September 2016.


The following 9 people signed up to play:

BrightKnightie, Dlyt, Greerwatson, LastScorpion, MelissaTreglia/Gnosticdiva, Merfilly/sharpest_asp, Nicholas_Lucien, PJ1228, WaltD.

List of StoriesEdit

The following are the stories that were produced for FK Fic Fest 2016:

Title Author Recipient Date Posted Release Date
"Encounter in the Hills" sharpest_asp WaltD 25/August/2016 26/September/2016
"Burn" LastScorpion MelissaTreglia 24/September/2016 27/September/2016
"The Time Will Come" Amy R. sharpest_asp (28/September/2016) 28/September/2016
"A Shared Passion" Nicholas_Lucien PJ1228 25/September/2016 29/September/2016
"Curios-ity" WaltD dlyt 22/September/2016 30/September/2016
"Broken Ties" PJ1228 nicholas_lucien 5/September/2016 1/October/2016
"Festival of Festivals" greerwatson Brightknightie 25/September/2016 2/October/2016
"Life... or Something Like It" MelissaTreglia greerwatson 25/September/2016 3/October/2016
"The Best-Laid Plans" dlyt LastScorpion 17/September/2016 4/October/2016

FK Fic Fest 2017Edit

Because of commitments later in the year, the moderator decided to hold FK Fic Fest earlier. Sign-ups opened, therefore, on 11 March running to 24 March. Assignments were sent out on 26 March, with stories due at midnight (PST) on 27 May. Stories were released at a rate of one per day, starting on 29 May 2017.


The following 10 people signed up to play:

Batdina, Brightknightie, Dlyt, Greerwatson, LastScorpion, MelissaTreglia, Merfilly, Nicholas_lucien, Pj1228, WaltD.

List of StoriesEdit

The following are the stories that were produced for FK Fic Fest 2017:

Title Author Recipient Date Posted Release Date
"One Loss Too Many" PJ1228 MelissaTreglia 16/May/2017 29/May/2017
"The Decline and Fall of the Murphy Case" brightknightie LastScorpion 28/May/2017 30/May/2017
"The Advantages of Age" dlyt greerwatson 16/May/2017 31/May/2017
"Flicker of a Memory" Merfilly Batdina 30/April/2017 1/June/2017
"Five Things that Didn't Happen: Litovuterine-B Edition" LastScorpion WaltD 28/May/2017 2/June/2017
"An Orphan's Choice" Nicholas_Lucien Dlyt 27/May/2017 3/June/2017
"Die & Rise" MelissaTreglia Merfilly 27/May/2017 4/June/2017
"The Siege of Hastingues" greerwatson nicholas_lucien 28/May/2017 5/June/2017
"Feint of Heart" WaltD PJ1228 26/May/2017 6/June/2017
"All That's Left You" Batdina Brightknightie 28/May/2017 7/June/2017

External LinksEdit


  1. From the 2012 Rules Post.

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