Tn TequilaFiends index

Screen capture of the index page of the FK Tequila Fiends Website.

The FK Tequila Fiends Website ( is the faction site for the Tequila Fiends, a group of Forever Knight fans who like tequila.

Site ContentsEdit

  • list of faction members
  • "Tequila!!Where does it come from?... Ok, besides a bottle or the Gods." (definition and description of tequila)
  • "Larry Hunter's tequila tips" (connoisseur's tips about types of tequila)
  • "FK Tequila Fiendishness Test" (a tongue-in-cheek quiz)

Site DesignEdit

All pages are on a black background. Western-themed graphics (such as a desert cactus divider bar) are used to capture the spirit of tequila. At the bottom of the index page is a photomanipulated screen capture of LaCroix drinking out of a glass, described as an example of tequila drinking in Forever Knight.

Website LocationEdit

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