False Heart
Front cover of False Heart (art by Ann Larimer).
Author Susan M. Garrett
Date May 1994
Rating/Warning PG
Genres Drama
Format Short Story
Next Kind Soul
Archive Location

False Heart is a gen 120-page Forever Knight novel by Susan M. Garrett, with cover art by Ann Larimer. It has a sequel, Kind Soul.

Story RecapEdit

A novel set between the first and second seasons of Forever Knight. Dorian, the archivist of the vampires, interviews every vampire to acquire their history and judge them for any infractions of the code by which vampires live. Now it's Nick's turn to be interviewed and Nick has committed the greatest crime a vampire can commit - Nick has killed his master, LaCroix.

Author's NotesEdit

False Heart is a Forever Knight fanzine novel about Dorian, the vampire archivist. The zine was published by Susan M. Garrett.


  • Cover by Ann Larimer
  • 120 pages, 200 copies in the original printing.
  • The fanzine version contains an extra chapter the online version does not have.



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