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Schanke peruses his daughter's homework questionnaire.

In the episode "Father's Day", Don Schanke brings to work a questionnaire that his daughter Jenny has been given for homework at school. The students are supposed to answer the question, "What is a father?", by providing five exemplar definitions. Schanke is determined to come up with a satisfactory version for Jenny to hand in.

Contents of the QuestionnaireEdit

The questionnnaire consists of a single sheet of typescript with underlined spaces left for the student or teacher to fill in. At the top is a header section, followed by the question and a sample answer. Then space is provided for the student (or, in Jenny's case, her father) to write in answers.


  • On the right side at the top is typed the name of Jenny's school, "Metro Public School". Under this is typed, "Mrs. Waters Class 43" (sic).
This suggests that the questionnaire may have been provided to several classes, at least within the same grade but possibly even more than one grade. It also indicates that Jenny's teacher is Mrs. Waters. That her class is "43" suggests that Jenny is in Grade Four, and that the school has at least three classes at that grade level.
It should be noted that there is a typing error: there is no apostrophe after Mrs. Waters' name to indicate the possessive.
  • On the left side at the top are two lines, the upper one labelled "Name" and the lower one "Date".
Both have been filled in; but the angle of the paper and scrawled ink makes the answers impossible to read. (One may, however, presume that the answer to the former must be "Jenny Schanke".)
  • A line is drawn under the header section, separating it from the rest of the sheet.

Rest of the QuestionnaireEdit

  • The questionnaire proper is headed with the word "Questionnaire", which has been typed in capital letters, centred and underlined.
  • Under this, on the left, is the question itself, "What is a Father?" This is typed with an initial capital letter on the word "Father", and underlined.
  • It is followed by a sample answer: "Example: A Father is someone who is loving generous."
Again, it should be noted that the word "Father" is capitalized. Also, the word "and" is missing between the two adjectives.
  • The students are then given their instructions. The way the paper is held means that most of what is written is obliterated by the lighting. However, it is possible to read the first few words: "Give 5 examples—"
It should be noted that the number "five" is written as the numeral.
  • After this, a series of well-spaced lines are provided for the answer. Schanke appears to have made several false starts, which have been scratched out.

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