Feeding the Beast
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Broadcast Date  1 December 1992
Season  1
Broadcast Order  18th
Episode Number  19
Production Number  218
Writer  Alison Bingeman
Director  Richard Lewis
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Did somebody tell you there's an easy cure, Nick? 'Cause they were lying.
— Natalie, Feeding the Beast


While undercover at a twelve-step program Nick tries to stop drinking blood but falls off the wagon and must fight his urges to go on a murderous spree.

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One question that has been raised about this episode is: Why does Nick have a bottle of blood hidden in his chimney? From the perspective of plotting, it clearly is intended to parallel an alcoholic's stash. But did Nick, consciously or unconsciously, hide the bottle at the same time that he was openly pouring the blood out of the others, thereby simultaneously undermining the Twelve-Step program he was supposed to be following? Or was the bottle put there previously, and then forgotten until he was reminded by the hallucination of LaCroix? Fans have suggested that he hid it there to keep it from Natalie, or that he had a habit of using the fireplace to warm the bottle to blood temperature.[1]

Behind the ScenesEdit

  • The German title for this episode is "Die Bestie braucht Nahrung" ("The Beast Needs Food").
  • Peter Messaline, who appeared in this episode as one of the murder victims, appeared also in the Season Three episode "Sons of Belial" as the Inquisitor.


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