Fleur de Brabant
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Fleur in Be My Valentine
Born early 1200s (Brabant)
Died early to mid 1200s (Brabant)
Family Nicolas de Brabant (brother)
Madam Brabant (mother)
André (son)
Portrayed By Claire Rankin
Fan Factions Fleur-Boosters
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Fleur fell in love with LaCroix.

When Nick Knight was a mortal man back in the thirteenth century, he had a younger sister, Fleur. She was young, innocent, and romantic; and she greatly missed her big brother Nicolas, away on crusade.

Upon her brother's return from the Middle East, Fleur was deeply attracted to the mysterious man, Lucien LaCroix, who had come with him, the more so since they shared common intellectual interests. Well educated for the time, Fleur could read, and was fascinated by the study of the stars.

Not only did she fall in love with LaCroix, he fell in love with her. However, when he decided to bring her across, Nick dissuaded him, insisting that this would destroy the very innocence that LaCroix loved in her.

Fleur later had a son, André, who was still a boy when she died, making Nick his guardian.

Series InformationEdit

Fleur de Brabant was portrayed by actor Claire Rankin. The character appears only in one episode in Season Two, "Be My Valentine". However, she was also mentioned in the Season Three episode, "Fallen Idol", in which Nick and LaCroix visit her grave.

Fan ActivitiesEdit


Followers of Fleur de Brabant are referred to as Fleurettes or Fleur-Boosters. Fans of her relationship with LaCroix are known as Faithfuls.

Fan FictionEdit

The following are works of fan fiction that feature Fleur de Brabant among their characters.

] by Amy R. (1998)

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