Abbreviations (Friends of Don)
Focus Don Schanke
Type of Faction original faction
Status inactive
Dates 1994 - ?
Websites Fans of Don
Community Groups FODERY list
War Activity Wars 1-11
Faction symbol, created by Susan Garrett & Calliope Monsoon
Fods icon01
Faction icon, created by Greer Watson in 2012.

To see a list of the names of members of this faction, please go to Category:FoDs.

FoDs (Pronounced FOODs) are fans of Donald G. Schanke, the human detective who became Nick Knight's partner in the series premiere, and remained in that role through the first two seasons of Forever Knight. The faction name is usually taken to be an acronym of Friends of Don.[1]

The FoDs were one of the original six factions formed around the time of the first FK War. Initially, there was some hesitation over what to call the fans affiliating themseves with Schanke. Other proposed names were Skankie-ites, Schankites, or Sluvakians; but the only faction member playing in FKWar 1 used "FoD".

According to Boomer, a member of the FoDs:

"I recall -- many years ago now -- the FoDs organized a cookbook project with recipes compiled from members. John Kapelos even submitted a recipe for it (a risotto dish that is quite delicious and that I've made many times); everyone got a copy for a $20 donation to Covenant House, the FoD's chosen charity. I don't recall how much was raised for Covenant House but, as a result of that project, they are still one of the charities I donate to on a yearly basis. And I still have the cookbook. <g> "[2]

Although active in a number of the earlier wars, the FoDs were never one of the larger factions. The faction character revolved largely around food and/or cooking, in one way or another.

Faction HeadquartersEdit

  • Happy Souvlaki Deli - provides the FoDs with a source of income

Faction WebsitesEdit

E-Mail Lists and Yahoo!GroupsEdit

  • FODERY (e-mail group) - defunct

FK WarsEdit

The FoDs have participated in a number of the FK Wars, last appearing in War 11.

  • Although only one member of the FoDs, Don Bassingthwaite, took part in War One, his role was memorable: he devised a hilarious food-based trap that took out LaCroix.
  • At the beginning of War Two, Janette is "administrative assistant" in charge of all the fan mail from people declaring their affiliation. She expresses her frustration to Nick, starting with a letter from a prospective FoD:

She pointed to an envelope he held in his hand, which may have been virgin white at some time in the past, but was covered with a number of nameless spots and blotches. Nicola placed the rest back on the pile and examined the envelope more carefully, sniffing at the paper. "Coffee," he announced. "Ketchup and--" he winced, nearly dropping the envelope, "garlic!"

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Reference ListEdit

  1. The faction website offers both "Friends of Don" and "Fans of Don" as expansions of "FoDs".
  2. Letter to FORKNI-L@LISTS.PSU.EDU from Boomer on October 28, 2010.

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