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Screen capture of the index page of was a website (originally at devoted to the character of Natalie Lambert, particularly her darker side as a potential vampire. The site was owned by Valerie, also known as forevernat or celticstormcloud

Site ContentsEdit

The website included the following:

Stories and PoemsEdit

The following stories and poems are archived on the site:


Examples of Valerie's Collages
Tn nickcollage2

Nick Knight

Tn screedcollage


Site HistoryEdit was originally located at, and later moved to The latter version of the site was first recorded by the Internet Archive in February 2002, and is available on the Wayback Machine. The site appears to have been last updated 12 January 2003, and disappeared from the web sometime after January 2005.

NOTE: The fan fiction and some of the collages were archived, but not the screen captures.

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