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Forever Knight - Canon & Trivia is a website created by nnpacker.

Website StatementEdit

The following statement appears on the website:

I've been working on this project on and off for a few years and am finally ready to post the bulk of what I've done in the hopes that it will not only answer questions, but provide a place where fic writers who want to work within the realm of canon can find both information and the episodes that support it.
Please note the definition of "canon" is what you hear and see on the screen (full Canadian version)! Behind-the-scenes interviews, script writer's intentions, edited-out portions of scripts, etc., are not taken into account.
Most of the info here is about Nick, Nat, LaCroix, Schanke, and Janette. I wasn't much of a stickler on collecting data on the 3rd season newcomers,but will probably add more later. If there is any information you need but can't find it here, information that you have and would like to see included here, or if you notice any blunders, please feel free to e-mail me at
Conclusions were reached considering the episodes in chronological order. "Undetermined" means either the subject was not brought up, or there is conflicting evidence of equal weight.

Pages on the siteEdit

  • Title page: includes opening statement, links to the other pages, and section on "FK Vampires in General".
  • "Nick"
  • "Nat"
  • "LaCroix"
  • "Janette"
  • "Schanke"
  • "Tracy, Vachon, Urs, Screed, The Captains"
  • "Other Characters & FK Places and Things"


Forever Knight - Canon and Trivia was originally hosted by Rogers Cable at In 2004, it was moved to when Rogers made a deal with Yahoo! to take over hosting their websites. Its owner then annexed it to the Mortal Love website, which she also owned; this was a regular GeoCities site (at Mortal Love is now a paid site with its own domain name; Canon & Trivia is still linked in to it at

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