Forever Knight Icons and Artwork is an unmoderated LiveJournal group for posting (and requesting) fan-created icons and other artwork based on Forever Knight. The community was created on 13 January 2004 by darkravenette. As of January 2013, it has 58 members.


Initially, Dark Ravenette intended the community as a place for people to compete by showcasing icons designed to weekly themes, with members voting on their favourites.

  • The first contest (Jan. 13-18) had the theme, "Free Choice". It elicited five icons. The winner was created by dantes_prayer, with an icon by anukk in second place, and a second icon by anukk tied with one by slutbamwalla for third place.
  • The second week's theme was "Dark Knight". Again, an icon from dantes_prayer came in first, with an icon by anukk in second place, while additional icons from the same artists tied for third place.
  • The third week's theme was "Immortal Beloveds". Only two icons were entered, both by anukk.
  • The fourth week's theme was "LaCroix". There was only one submission.

As a result of the evident lack of interest, Dark Ravenette decided to abandon the idea of running icon contests, and instead turned the community into a place for people to post any type of Forever Knight-related fan art.

Fan ArtEdit

The following fan artists posted icons (or links) to the community: zartherbes, daniidebrabant, dknightshade, tradgicyouth, midnightzstorm, agentxpndble, hystree, gweneth_syeira, Trys, and abby82.


On 11 April 2017, Melissa Treglia reported in her DW journal[1] that she had found 82 surviving icons on the FK Icons LJ community (i.e. ones that did not deadlink), and "rescued" them by putting them in a folder on her Photobucket account, subdivided by creator. There are six folders, respectively for icons by daniidebrabant, dknightshade, gweneth_syeira, hystree, midnightzstorm, and tradgicyouth.

External LinksEdit

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