The Forsaken Fandom Awards is a LiveJournal group to recognize excellence in fan fiction written for fandoms which have two or fewer awards to inspire fanfic writers and recognize their work. For each fandom, awards are given in multiple categories.

Special awards are issued for outstanding authors, fictions, and the like. Potential candidates are selected by analyzing the nominees, write ins and the enthusiasm of the judges and/or voters. It's voted on by the moderators and at least three must agree on the award. (In a case where two of the Forsaken Fandom moderators are among those considered, they do not vote on the category they were up for but they do vote for the other categories.)

Round One: Results announced 1 November 2006.

Round Two: Results announced 22 October 2008.

Forever Knight AwardsEdit

The following are the Forsaken Fandom Awards that were given to Forever Knight related fanworks.

Round OneEdit

Categories with only one nominee were judged by fleta, m ravensblood, melsmarsh, and roman romantic.

Special AwardsEdit

  • Outstanding Forever Knight Community Award: fk_freaks
  • Outstanding Forever Knight Community Layout Award: fk_fanfiction
  • Outstanding Erotic Author: Fenris
  • Outstanding Slash Author: Fenris

Moderator AwardsEdit

Round TwoEdit

All categories that had two or more nominees were put to a vote which determined the winner. Categories with only one nominee were scored by the judges to determine whether to give an award or not.

Judges for Forever Knight: darklydevoted, m_ravensblood, melsmarsh, and roman_romantic.

Overall Fic AwardsEdit

General Category Fanfic AwardsEdit

Erotic AwardsEdit

Vampire AwardsEdit

Character & Ship AwardsEdit

Plot AwardsEdit

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