Frank Titus
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Frank Titus is the chief editor of the National Intruder in the episode Spin Doctor.

Shortly before the opening scenes of the episode Spin Doctor, Titus receives a call from Gilbert Reeves, who says he has a story he wants to sell to the National Intruder about a scandal involving one of the candidates for mayor of Toronto. Titus offers to pay a hefty $25,000 for such a hot topic. But because Reeves never phones back, he soon dismisses it, claiming later that he nearly forgot about it altogether.

Shortly after calling, Reeves is murdered at the Hotel Perceval. The murder investigation leads Det. Nick Knight to visit Titus in his office. Busy working on a story, the editor is initially dismissive; but when Nick says that he is a police officer investigating Reeves' murder, he pays more attention. However, although he remembers talking to Reeves on the phone about a story, he cannot give specifics. When Nick is dissatisfied with this, Titus explains to him that people in his business deal all the time in rumors that they neither investigate nor substantiate. Nick criticizes this as betraying a lack of regard for people's feelings; but Titus asserts that, when you are in the public eye, you are fair game. He does, however, suggest to Nick that, if Reeves has a girlfriend, she will know what’s behind it all. He also advises Nick that the truth will out if he targets the source.

Series InformationEdit

Frank Titus appeared in only one episode, Spin Doctor.

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