Furever Knight, or the View from Down Under
Cover of Furever Knight, or the View from Down Under. The text has been deliberately printed upside down.
Author Winifred McBeth
Format Anthology
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The View from Down Under or Furever Knight is an anthology of Forever Knight stories ostensibly "selected by Sidney Lambert and transcribed by Winifred McBeth". The point of view in all these stories is that of Natalie's cat, Sydney.


  • "Nannygate"
  • "Crossfire of the Vanities"
  • "Blood's a Rover"
  • "Ship's Cat"
  • "Cry Wolf"
  • "Making a Collar"
  • "Rat Pack"
  • "An Officer, A Gentlemen [sic], and a Wolf"
  • "A Spot of Trouble"
  • "The Weighing of the Heart"
  • "Harp Strings"


Furever Knight, or the View from Down Under was a gen, 56 pages anthology published by Special Services Unlimited. It was published in 1997 and originally cost $3.

The zine seems to have an alternative title: "Sydney's Tales."

The front cover is purposely printed upside down.

In at least one story, the dog Diefenbaker from Due South makes an appearance.


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