Gary Blackwing
Tn blkwg 009crop
On the spirit plane, Blackwing appears as a young man.
Died 1995 (stabbed)
Family Marian Blackwing (granddaughter)
Portrayed By Jack Burning, Glen Gould
Tn blkwg 013crop
The elderly Gary Blackwing faces his murderer.

Gary Blackwing is an elderly Mississauga Indian who is murdered with an obsidian knife in the opening scenes of the Season Three episode, "Blackwing". His granddaughter, Marian, dreams of him on the spirit plane at the moment of his death. The living Gary Blackwing is played by Jack Burning, and his youthful spirit by Glen Gould.

Blackwing is a tribal elder and shaman. He is also the guardian of the last remaining copy of the land treaty made by the Mississauga Indians with the British in the eighteenth century. Their land claim is currently in arbitration; and Blackwing is murdered to prevent him from showing the treaty to the judge.

At his death, Blackwing's shamanistic powers are passed to his granddaughter, who has trouble dealing with them, since she has no training in their use. Markings are also left on the spirit plane that provide information about the whereabouts of the treaty, which he has hidden behind a painting. Det. Nick Knight finally makes sense of the clues and discovers it, but only after there have been additional murders.

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