General's Secret Service
Abbreviations GSS
Type of Faction subfaction of the Cousins
Status largely inactive
Dates June 1997 - present
War Activity War 8 - ?
Gsslogo 2
Faction logo, as it appeared on the GSS website.
GSS icon03
Faction icon, created by Greer Watson in 2012.

For a list of the members of this faction, please see Category:General's Secret Service.

The General's Secret Service was formed by the Cousins faction in June of 1997 during the preparations for War 8. It started out in the planning stages as the "Cousins Special Forces" and evolved into a Secret Agent 007 style strike force answerable directly to LaCroix, their Commander, whom they refer to as "The General". During a Forever Knight War, when the faction lists are formed, the G.S.S. team sign on to the Cousin List with the other Cousinly factions.


The following members are listed on the faction site:

  • War 8 GSS Team
    • Cousin Amanda (Blackbird)
    • Cousin Angie (Lasher)
    • Cousin Bob (Phantom)
    • Cousin Bonnie (Miss BonniePenny)
    • Cousin Jesse (Saber)
    • Cousin Joseph (Striker)
    • Cousin Kim (Ace)
    • Cousin Zebella (Pegasus)
  • New Members Since War 8
    • Cousin Beverly (Natalya)
    • Cousin Brad (Malkavian)
    • Cousin Jake (Reverend)
    • Cousin Laura (Sapphire)
    • Cousin Mids (Ice)
    • Cousin Orion (Burro)
    • Cousin Night Orchid (Courtesan)
    • Cousin Stan (Talon)
    • Cousin Tami (Tamimuse)
    • Cousin Tser (Ashe)
    • Cousin Miranda (DarkAngel)

Members' Aliases and RanksEdit

The fans who are members of the General's Secret Service have come up with aliases for themselves.

  • Lt.Co. Blackwing — Lt. Commander of the G.S.S.
  • C.O.S./S.I.O. Ace — Chief of Security
  • C.O.I. Courtesan — Chief of Intelligence
  • D.T.S. Lasher — Director of Telecommunications Sciences
  • C.D.O./C.L.O. Miss Bonniepenny — Chief of Deepcover Operations and The General's Chief Liaison Officer
  • S.F.O. Pegasus — Senior Field Operative
  • C.S.O. Phantom — Chief of Surveillance Operations
  • C.B.O. Saber — Black Ops. Commander
  • S.W.S. Striker — Senior Weapons Specialist
  • The Burro — Special Agent
  • The Reverend — Special Agent
  • Ashe — Special Agent
  • Sapphire — Special Agent
  • Tamimuse — Field Agent
  • Ice — Field Agent
  • Malkavian — Field Agent
  • Talon — Field Agent
  • Teen — Field Agent

Uniforms and EquipmentEdit

The Cousins' List GSS Membership Page included the following information:

Upon acceptance into the agency, the Agent will be (virtualy) issued standard G.S.S. uniforms (which they must proudly wear (virtualy)) and equipment (which they must never (virtualy) lend out to anyone for any reason.)- Because we are not an Army Surplus store. G.S.S. uniforms and equipment are to be used by registered Agents *ONLY*     (sic)

G.S.S. Standard UniformEdit

  • Tinted Raybands
  • Black Leather Jacket w/G.S.S. Patch
  • Black: Turtleneck Shirts, Pants, Leather Gloves
  • Black Wolverine Boots(tm)
  • Black Socks
  • Black silk underwear, Purple thong optional.

List of Standard G.S.S. WeaponryEdit

  • The Marksman Dart Pistol(TM)
  • Smoke Grenades
  • Nitrus Oxide Canisters
  • Crossbows
  • Nunchucks
  • Throwing Stars
  • Switchblade Knifes
  • SwissArmy Knifes
  • Laser Pens
  • The Xena Warrior Princess Breast Knife(TM)

Faction WebsiteEdit

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