Focus Urs
Type of Faction proposed name
Status rejected in favour of the Urchins
Dates Fall 1996 (?)
Founder name suggested by Sarah Welsh

When new characters were added to Forever Knight at the beginning of Season Three, Goldilocks was proposed by Sarah Welsh as an appropriate name for a faction for followers of Urs.[1] However, the name never caught on. Instead, the more usual term is Urchins.


After the name "Goldilocks" was proposed, Sandra Gray asked: "Yes, but would a man want to be called a Goldilock?" In response, Debra Hisle suggested that male fans of Urs be called "Bears".[2]

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  1. The name of the fan proposing the name is given in Meredith's Affiliations FAQ[1] of 15 May 1996.
  2. This exchange is quoted in Meredith's Affiliations FAQ[2] of 15 May 1996.

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