Grace Balthazar
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Grace Balthazar on the phone (from "Spin Doctor").
Portrayed By Sandi Ross
Fan Factions Graces
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Grace Balthazar at work (from "Killer Instinct").

Grace Balthazar works as a laboratory assistant for Dr. Natalie Lambert at the coroner's office. Of all her staff, Grace is the one who is closest to Dr. Lambert. They share a friendly relationship that makes Grace feel that she can talk freely with her boss.

When Natalie has a birthday, it is Grace who clearly takes the lead among the staff in getting her a present and a cake. There is, however, no indication that their friendship extends beyond their work as they never seem to meet outside working hours.

Grace clearly is concerned about the fact that Natalie seems to have little time for a personal life. At the same time, she is alert to the possibility that a single woman in the dating jungle might meet the wrong man. In "Only the Lonely", when she suspects that Natalie is in trouble, Grace takes it upon herself to get help from Det. Nick Knight, whom she recognizes as being another of Natalie's friends at work.

Series ProductionEdit

Grace Balthazar was portrayed by actor Sandi Ross. The character recurred in several episodes in the latter part of Season One and the beginning of Season Two, but did not appear in the final season of the series.

Her last name was mentioned only once in dialogue, in the last episode in which she appeared, "Bad Blood".


The following is a list of the episodes in which Grace Balthazar appears. For a full discussion of her role in each episode, see Grace's scenes.

Season One:

Season Two:

Fan ActivityEdit


Fan FictionEdit

The following works of fan fiction include Grace Balthazar prominently among the characters.


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