Grace Under Fire
Grace Under Fire
Intro title screen for Grace Under Fire.
Format television series
Creator(s) Chuck Lorre
Company ABC
Run dates 1993-98
Genres comedy
Country of origin USA

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Grace Under Fire (sometimes known as Grace Under Pressure) is an American television series which ran for five seasons on ABC from 29 September 1993 to 17 February 1998. The show starred Brett Butler as Grace Kelly, a divorced single mother and recovering alcoholic.

The show begins after Grace divorces her abusive alcoholic husband of eight years in an attempt to start life over. The show revolved around Grace's family, friends, and co-workers. She has three children: mischievous Quentin (Jon Paul Steuer), happy-go-lucky Libby (Kaitlin Cullum), and infant Patrick (Dylan and Cole Sprouse). Her best friends are her neighbours, Nadine and Wade Swoboda (Julie White and Casey Sander). In addition, for the first three seasons, the show had a very blue-collar appeal due to Grace's chosen line of work, post-divorce: she operates pipelines at the local oil refinery, and has a second family of fellow crew workers down at the plant.

After the first season, the creative aspect of the show experienced a revolving door of producers and writers as a result of creative clashes between the production team and the star. In the fourth and fifth seasons of the show, Butler was fighting a painkiller addiction; and her first round of treatment and rehab delayed the start of the 1997-98 season. Morale on the set was little better than in the previous season, due to the star's erratic behavior; and, after she relapsed, ABC cancelled the series.

Adapted from the Wikipedia article on Grace Under Fire.

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