Grave Secrets
Author Susan M. Garrett
Date 1997
Where posted None
Rating/Warning PG
Genres Drama
Format Novella
[NO Archive Location]

Story RecapEdit

Nick and Schanke investigate the decapitation murder of Ashley St. Valentine . . . or was it suicide? Nick isn't certain because he knows something the police don't--Ashley St. Valentine was a vampire. Once upon a time, Lord Ashley Farrell had discovered that Nicholas Chevalier was a vampire and threatened to expose his secret to the world. Is history bound to repeat itself?

Author's NoteEdit

Grave Secrets was a first season Forever Knight fanzine novella published in 1997. This fanzine was written by Susan M. Garrett for the Geraint Wyn Davies Fan Club. It premiered at the 1997 Weekend With Ger event and the proceeds went to Children's Hospital, the designated charity of the Geraint Wyn Davies Fan Club.

This work was never printed online



Grave Secrets was the 1998 FanQ winner for best Forever Knight fanzine.


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