Greg Kramer (Kramer-Dowlen)
Born 11 March 1961
Place of birth Codicote, Hertfordshire, UK
Died 8 April 2013
Place of death Montreal, QU, Canada
Awards MECCA award (Montreal English Critics Circle Award) as director of the Segal Centre’s Cat on a Hot Tin Roof
Roles actor
Characters Screed
Official website

Greg Kramer (see IMDb page) had a recurring role in Season Three of Forever Knight, playing the part of the carouche, Screed.

Greg Kramer emigrated to Canada in 1981 after the then Prime Minister, Margaret Thatcher, started slashing funding to the arts.[1] For seven years he lived in Vancouver, then in Toronto for a decade, and finally moved to Montreal in 1999.[2] Though best known to Forever Knight fans as an actor, he was also a playwright, novelist, and director.

At the time of his death, rehearsals were about to start on his last play, Sherlock Holmes, in which he would have played the role of Inspector Lestrade.[3]

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