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Norma Dean goes berserk in the Cosmetics Department of the Bay.

The Hudson's Bay Company department store at Queen and Yonge Streets was used for the location filming of the first few scenes of "If Looks Could Kill" (though the store was not named in the episode).

In "If Looks Could Kill", a customer who has been trying out cosmetics at one of the counters in the ground-floor Cosmetics Department suddenly goes berserk and is shot by a security guard. Nick Knight and his partner, Don Schanke, are assigned to the case; and the first thing that they do is attend the crime scene with the pathologist from the Coroner's Office, Dr. Natalie Lambert.

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The detectives leave the department store by the south-east exit.

The store where the scenes were filmed is at the south-west corner of the intersection of Queen Street and Yonge Street. It was built in 1896 for the Robert Simpson Company (more usually known as Simpsons), a department store chain founded in 1872. This predates the use of municipal street signs in Toronto; and the outside of the store has the street names carved into the façade at each corner, a bit above the usual eye height.

This was the flagship store of the Simpsons chain, and for many years faced off with its arch-rival, the Eaton's Department Store on the north side of Queen Street, until the latter was torn down to make way for the Eaton Centre. Simpsons was noted for its Christmas windows along the Queen Street frontage, which changed each year, showing a themed series of displays with clockwork figures. Its rival, Eatons, held an annual Santa Claus Parade.

Simpsons was acquired by the Hudson's Bay Company in 1978; and, although for some years the old Simpsons stores continued to be run under the same name, eventually all were either closed or relabelled as Bay stores. The store at Queen and Yonge became the Bay's flagship store, as it had previously been Simpsons'. It is the largest department store in Canada. After a facelift in 1989, its Cosmetics Department (the same one shown in "If Looks Could Kill") was reputed to be largest in the world.

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