Tn hunters 206
Broadcast Date  29 September 1992
Season  1
Broadcast Order  11th
Episode Number  12
Production Number  111
Writer  Peter Mitchell
Director  Michael Levine
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When Schanke becomes the target of an avenging assassin, Nick races the clock to save his partner.

Guest CastEdit

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Detailed Story RecapEdit

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Janette confronts Schanke when he ventures into the basement of the Raven.

Vampire LoreEdit

  • In the basement of the Raven, Janette runs a sort of hostel for vampires from out of town.
  • Very traditional vampires sometimes like to sleep in coffins.

Fan FictionEdit


  • Schanke: I promise you, I will be right back. Cross my heart.
    Janette: Please don't do that in front of me.


Behind the ScenesEdit

  • The German title for this episode is "Ein schlechter Verlierer" ("A Bad Loser").


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