Informed Consent
Author Amy R.
Date 2 May 2012
Where posted OldSchoolFic
Rating/Warning PG
Genres drama
Format short story
Archive Location

Story RecapEdit

Between the scenes in "False Witness," Nick receives an enigmatic message from Janette, whom he has just told that he killed LaCroix.


Written for PJ1228 in OldSchoolFic 2012 to the prompt "Nick/Janette "no restraints". Bonus lyrics were, “Do the walls come down when you think of me / Do you let me in?”Length: approx ~2.5K words.

Author's NotesEdit

  • This story fits between the scenes of “False Witness,” repurposes dialogue from “Dance by the Light of the Moon,” and touches on assorted other episodes, including “Dark Knight, The Second Chapter,” “Dying to Know You” and “Be My Valentine.”


  • "He tore open the express company’s cardboard envelope; into his hands dropped a slender gift box, the shape for a bracelet or a pen set, wrapped in antiqued paper patterned with little black Eiffel Towers -- folded, not taped -- and tied with a black velvet ribbon. He didn’t need the waybill to tell him that it came from Janette."

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