Ingrid Marr
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Ingrid Marr (from "Trophy Girl").
Portrayed By Ellen Dubin
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Ingrid Marr at her desk in the Palomar Agency offices.

Ingrid Marr runs an upscale escort service, the Palomar Agency, in the Season Three episode, "Trophy Girl". The role is played by Ellen Dubin.

Shortly before the episode begins, Marr reports one of her employees, Deena Ellis, missing to the police. The woman's headless handless corpse is subsequently identified by Dr. Lambert. When Det. Nick Knight interviews Marr, he finds her very defensive about the "innocence" of the work done by her employees—protesting too much, in his view.

Thinking that the agency might be connected to Ellis's death, his partner, Tracy Vetter decides on an unauthorized undercover operation. She applies for work at the Palomar Agency, and is hired by Ingrid Marr. On her first assignment as an escort, she meets her "date" at the Raven, where she is spotted by Vachon. Shortly thereafter, she is kidnapped by the killer, Sedrick. She subsequently manages to free herself, and shoots him.

Meanwhile, when Knight learns from Vachon about her undercover job, he returns to the Palomar Agency, where Marr is surprised to learn that her new employee is a police detective. She is not able to assist further, beyond promising to provide the police with a full list of all her clients. However, Knight realizes that the killer has been secretly observing the Agency from a building across the street in order to select his victims.

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