Jean Graham
Official website

Jean Graham is an author of Forever Knight fan fiction, including the novel On Holy Ground. Her stories can be found at her official website.

For an alphabetical list of Forever Knight-related material by this author, please see Category:Works by Jean Graham.

Fan FictionEdit

The following stories are listed chronologically by the date posted or published.[1] Jean posted her stories to FKFIC-L@LISTS.PSU.EDU; but initially some were also reprinted in fanzines. About this she says:[2]

I'd forgotten that several of my FK stories that had already appeared on the FK fiction list were reproduced in Knightbeat. I had no clue at the time that there'd be much overlap between the two readerships, but apparently there was, and a few people complained that they'd already read these stories on line. Soooo, I stopped sending the FK fic to zines unless the story hadn't been on the list first.










(no date)Edit

Fan Non-FictionEdit


Jean's website used to be at, but has now moved to


  1. The dates of "Dark Liaisons", "Castle Keep", and "Knight's Quest" were provided by the author as "last accessed" dates for files on old computer discs.
  2. Quoted from an e-mail sent by Jean Graham to Greer Watson, 26 August 2016.

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