Judith Freudenthal
Born 1964
Died 2 May 2004
Place of death West Palm Beach, Florida
Official website

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Judith Freudenthal was an author of Forever Knight fan fiction. She also wrote an episode guide to the series. Her fiction has been posthumously archived at Judy's Fan Fic

See here for more information as Archive of our Own archived a body of it too. She was making the rounds in the fan circuit when Joni Latham was getting published in genre circles.

One of her offerings was a crossover work where it was the size of a short story which appeared in 2004 on then brought over to both and the sister site, Information for this page came from both Fanlore,org and obituaries found on the web. When she died the cult horror story, a Lovecraftian vampire yarn known as House of Spiders was making waves. Some would had called a horror story that appeared in this era extremely disrespectful but he had no idea there was someone that age at the time it was written.

This will be her listings on an Archive of our Own; as one can see some of her character studies. When she passed away it was the invasion of the anthology boom in the print on demand vehicles; as some of the writers had banged heads with those who engage in the fandom practice. About a year before she died a nasty little 150 page bugger emerged known as Chimeraworld.

For an alphabetical list of Forever Knight-related material by this author, please see Category:Works by Judith Freudenthal.

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