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Katherine Barrington in the 1950s

During World War II, Katherine Barrington and her husband Gordon met Nick Knight in London, and they became friends. Gordon was at that time in the RAF, and Katherine with the Red Cross.

After the war, they emigrated to Toronto, where Gordon co-founded a business with Jeremy Stanton. However, he was murdered by his business partner, who made the death look like a car accident. After the funeral, Stanton approached Katherine to try to get her to sell her shares in the company to him. Sure that he was responsible for Gordon's death, she refused. He then tried to kill her, also, making it look like suicide.

Katherine was rescued by Nick, who had come to Toronto for the funeral. Because he had to use his vampire powers to do so, he decided to tell her the truth about himself. She was fascinated.

He contacted Aristotle, and persuaded him to create new identities for Katherine and her personal secretary and confidant, Madelyn Pinchot. To ensure their safety, they had to leave behind all direct ties to their former existence. Katherine's greatest regret was the fact that she had to leave behind her automobile, a 1936 Auburn which her husband had given her.

Katherine remained out of Canada for decades, sending in her vote by proxy so that she would not lose her interest in Barrington Stanton Industries. Eventually, she remarried. Her second husband's personal name is George; but we were never told his surname. Like her, he had ties to Canada.

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Katherine looks at photographs with Nick.

By the 1990s, Katherine felt that it must surely be safe for her to come back; and she and George settled in Hamilton. She even bought herself another Auburn in memory of her first husband. However, Jeremy Stanton happened to run into Madelyn in the street and recognized her. He therefore hired a man to get out of her the details of Katherine's whereabouts. Madelyn died under torture rather than betray her friend; but her protegée, Ava Franklin, also knew the secret.

Madelyn's murder was being investigated by Nick and his partner, Det. Schanke. Recognizing the shadow of the silhouette of the hood ornament of the Auburn in a photograph in Madelyn's apartment, Nick was able to track down Katherine's address. As a result, he saved her from Stanton, who was arrested for murder.

Afterwards, he and Katherine were able to reminisce about their time in London during the war, looking through old photographs.

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