Focus LaCroix/Schanke
Type of Faction proposed couple faction
Status later established as UnSuiteds
Dates 1996 ?
Founder name may have been proposed by Name Withheld 2

Tn ccall 150

Schanke met LaCroix in the episode "Close Call".

The LaCroissants was proposed[1] as the name for a faction of Forever Knight fans who (usually tongue in cheek) see a potential relationship between Lucien LaCroix and Don Schanke. The name is a portmanteau combining "LaCroix" with a reference to Schanke's love of food.

The faction subsequently became known as the UnSuiteds.

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  1. According to a post made on FORKNI-L by Roxanne Piccen on 1 May 1996, the name "LaCroissants" may have been suggested by Name Withheld 2.[1]

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