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The suicide that opens "The Fix" takes place in a Toronto park that lies on the shore of Lake Ontario.

Lake Ontario is the smallest and easternmost of the five Great Lakes. It is bounded on the north by the Province of Ontario, and on the south by the State of New York. A portion of the official boundary between Canada and the United States of America runs down the middle of the lake.

Toronto, the city in which Forever Knight is set, lies on the northern shore of Lake Ontario, towards the western end. The lakeshore forms the southern boundary of the city. Toronto has a large harbour and several beaches suitable for public use.

In Forever KnightEdit

Lake OntarioEdit

The lake's name is derived from ontarí:io, a Huron word meaning "great lake". The Province of Ontario was named after the lake.

The primary inlet to Lake Ontario is the Niagara River, which connects it with Lake Erie. The primary outlet is the St. Lawrence River, which runs east to connect with the Atlantic Ocean.

Because of its great depth, the entire lake rarely freezes in winter. During the winter months, the lake typically develops an ice sheet on the surface. The extent of the ice coverage depends on the severity of the winter. In a normal winter, Lake Ontario will be at most one quarter ice-covered. The ice sheets typically start to form along the shoreline, where the lake is not as deep.

When the cold winds of winter pass over the warmer water of the lake, they pick up moisture and drop it as "lake effect" snow. Since the prevailing winter winds are from the northwest, the southern and southeastern shoreline of the lake is referred to as the "snowbelt". Since Toronto lies on the north shore, this means that it receives significantly less snowfall in winter than do the communities on the American side of the lake.

Adapted from the Wikipedia article on Lake Ontario.

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