Larry Merlin
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Larry Merlin (from "Hunters").
Portrayed By Bill Macdonald

Larry Merlin specializes in constructing false identities for members of the community. He is especially good at faking computer records. It is unclear whether he is himself a vampire—though the probability is high, given the disinclination of the vampire community to let mortals know about their existence. Given the improbability of the name, it is quite possible that "Merlin" is itself an alias. The character appears in only one episode, "Hunters", in Season One. The role is played by actor Bill Macdonald.

In "Hunters", the Metro Toronto Police Force is updating its personnel records, putting them on computer. Nick has trusted to his faked paper documents, and is shocked to learn that the computer files on him are nonexistent. He goes to Merlin to get fake records made. It is implied that he gets in touch with the other man through Janette, and meets him at the Raven to discuss what is needed.

Fan FictionEdit

The following are works of fan fiction that feature Larry Merlin among their characters.

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