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The entrance to the Laurier Mental Health Clinic.

The fictional Laurier Mental Health Clinic appears in Crazy Love. It is a secure facility capable of housing dangerous mental patients who are under assessment for legal reasons, though it also has both in- and out-patients receiving regular treatment. Close records are kept of the patients' treatment and outcome. An examination of these records not only tells whether a patient is residing at the clinic or about to be released, but also which doctor is following the case.

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A card from the Laurier Clinic

A card issued by the clinic provides the following information:

  • the street address is 7 Lancaster Ave., Toronto
  • the postal code is M5X 1K9
  • the phone number is 416-555-3553
  • the fax number is 416-555-3632

In Crazy Love, the notorious serial killer, Peter Barlow, has been sent for evaluation to the secure wing of the Laurier Mental Health Clinic.
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The secure room where he is evaluated has barred windows, and bolts to secure his shackles to the floor.

Dr. Shawna Welsh is the psychiatrist whose job is to interview him—which she does in a large empty room, with heavily barred windows and bolts in the floor to which his shackles are fastened.
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Closed circuit television monitors the hallways of the clinic.

Shortly thereafter, Barlow manages to escape from the facility despite the fact that the hallways are monitored by closed circuit television. Murders begin, and their similarity to his previous killing spree makes him the obvious suspect.
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Dr. Shawna Welsh's office

Nick Knight is assigned to the case, and he interviews Dr. Welsh in her office. It is a large, well-appointed room with wood panelling and paintings on the walls. Unlike the areas where the patients live, it does not have bars on the windows. Initially, he is impressed. However, after Barlow is recaptured, inconsistencies start to appear in the case against him. Nick and his partner return to the clinic to investigate further, eventually determining that Dr. Welsh is using Barlow as a scapegoat to cover up her own crimes.

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