Chief Inspector Liam O'Neal
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C.I. Liam O'Neal in "Bad Blood"
Portrayed By Cedric Smith (as an adult)
John E. Campbell (as a boy)

Chief Inspector Liam O'Neal, an Irish police officer connected with Interpol, was played by actor Cedric Smith in the Season Two episode "Bad Blood", the only one in which the character appeared.

O'Neal is seemingly an open, friendly man with a flirtatious manner around women. However, he is concealing a strange secret about his past. As a boy, O'Neal saw his mother killed by a vampire, and was attacked himself. To prevent him being brought across, neighbours took him to the local church, where the priest, Father Hurley, cleansed the bite with holy water—an extremely painful process.

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As a boy, Liam was bitten by a vampire.

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Father Hurley used holy water to cleanse the bite.

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O'Neal is extremely sensitive to sunlight

Though O'Neal remains essentially human, he is sensitive to bright sunlight and able to sense the proximity of vampires. However, he is able to wear holy objects (such as a cross) without being burned by them.

Because of his past, O'Neal has a fierce hatred and mistrust of vampires. This caused some problems when he had to work with Nick Knight on a case, since he could sense that Nick was a
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O'Neal hunts and kills vampires

vampire, though there was nothing in Nick's behaviour at work to prove it. O'Neal also went to the Raven, where he was able to sense the proximity of vampires. Again, he was unable to find definitive proof before being made to leave for causing a nuisance.

However, a young police officer, Bridget Hellman, was bitten and brought over in the course of the case. O'Neal knew she would rise as a vampire, and shot her dead with a bow and arrow as she rose from her grave.

Fan FictionEdit

The following are works of fan fiction that feature Chief Inspector O'Neal among their characters.

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