Light Cousins
Focus LaCroix
Type of Faction fraction faction
Status active
Current Leader Arletta Asbury, Shelley Nutaitis
Websites Forever Light Cousins
War Activity Wars 9 & 10

Faction symbol, created by Susan Garrett & Calliope Monsoon.
LightCousins icon01
Faction icon, created by Greer Watson in 2012.

To see a list of the members of this faction, please go to Category:Light Cousins.

The Light Cousins are fans of the vampire Lucien LaCroix who see him as having a gentler, more humane side.

The faction website describes the faction:

Light Cousins are a "fraction" faction, separate from "true" Cousins, and many Light Cousins consider a different faction their primary affiliation. Light Cousins wish LaCroix would embrace his human side, not unlike the way Dark Knighties may wish Nick to embrace his vampirism. We celebrate the same LaCroix true Cousins do—the power, dignity, eloquence and control—but we celebrate his human side in the full-faced rejection of the evil he has done and been.

Be a Light Cousin! You get to admire Uncle AND condemn him!

The Light Cousins began when Amy R., then a Knightie, saw her first pre-third-season episodes of Forever Knight, chosen for her by Cousin Lisa Prince. Responding specifically to the powerful scene in "The Fix" where Lacroix steps into the sun in order to stress his bond with Nick Knight, Amy asked on FORKNI-L@LISTS.PSU.EDU if there was room for a "Light Cousin" among all the many affiliations. Imajiru, assistant listowner at the time, responded affirmatively; and, with Idalia Kakesako's enthusiasm for the idea, members were recruited to form a viable (if small) affiliation.[1]

The Light Cousins consider themselves associated with the Fleur-Boosters (Fleur's affiliation) and the Faithfuls (the LaCroix/Fleur couple affiliation) through the common bond of "Be My Valentine".

Symbol for the FactionEdit

The Light Cousins' symbol is a white, equilateral (i.e. equal-armed) Cross of Lorraine on a black background, with wavy white lines radiating out from the cross, as if from the sun. It symbolizes the faction's emphasis on turning Lacroix to the light.

This is a modification of the Cousins' symbol, which is a black Cross of Lorraine on a white background. The alterations were made by Susan Garrett.[2]

Faction WebsitesEdit

FK WarsEdit

The Light Cousins took part in Wars 9 and 10; and their war posts are archived on the faction website. Since that time, Light Cousins have played with the Cousins faction.

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  1. The FAQ page on the faction website
  2. The FAQ page on the faction website.

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