Tn fix 163

Nick and Schanke come to Machelio's looking for Jimmy Vinetti

In "The Fix", an old friend of Schanke's, Brian Sykes, commits suicide. Though warned off by Internal Affairs, Schanke insists on investigating. He and his partner, Nick therefore go to Machelio's, an upscale Italian restaurant, where they hope to run into Jimmy Vinetti, a local mob boss. They suspect that Vinetti knows something about Sykes' death.

Vinetti is indeed in the restaurant, having a plate of spaghetti and salad. So, when Nick becomes fascinated by the food and starts to tuck in, both Vinetti and Schanke assume that he is feigning hunger in order to play intimidation games.
Tn fix 213

After Vinetti leaves, Nick finishes his meal.

Neither of them realizes that Nick is actually under the influence of lidovuterine-B, a drug that Dr. Natalie Lambert has administered in the hope that it will prove a cure for vampirism. It has not only allowed Nick to go out in sunlight for the first time since 1228, it has also sparked an appetite for solid food.

Nick eats hearty; and the affronted Vinetti finally leaves Machelio's. To Schanke's surprise, Nick doesn't stop at that point. Instead, he sits down at Vinetti's vacant seat, and starts to eat what is left on the plate.

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