Malicious Mischief
Author brightknightie
Date 17 July 2011
Where posted FK Fic Fest
Rating/Warning PG
Genres Ficathons, drama
Format short story
Archive Location

Story RecapEdit

While Nick is on holiday in Germany, vandalism at the Raven escalates to murder.


Written for FK Fic Fest 2011 (released 26 July). The recipient was friendshipper, and the beta-readers were batdina and lastscorpion. Word count: ~9,300 words.

Written to the prompt: "Janette becomes, willingly or unwillingly, involved with a police investigation… [and is] pushed by circumstance into Nick's human world for a little while."

Author's NotesEdit

  • Thank you to Wiliqueen and Leela-cat for brainstorming! This story was born and grew through conversations with them.
  • This story is set in the hiatus year between the first and second seasons. In first, Janette and Schanke smoke; in second, they don’t. In first, Janette wears mostly black; in second, red.


  • “Man, I still can’t believe you’re going all the way to Europe in September to hang out in some dusty library archives. Normal tourists hit Oktoberfest, you know.” Schanke looked to see that Captain Stonetree’s office door was still closed, then mimed playing an accordion. “A few sausages, a lot of beer -- women and song, if not wine.”
  • Stepping down to the dance floor, Schanke noted that all the Raven’s lights were on, and the sound system off. He had seen it that way before -- at either end of the business night -- when Nick had stashed him here while that can of mixed nuts, Macavoy, hunted him last year. The shape of the bar and the decorations on the walls had changed since the remodeling, but Schanke still knew his way around.

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