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The stele in Dr. Hunter's office has Mayan numbers on it.

In "Dark Knight", Det. Nick Knight meets Dr. Alyce Hunter when he is involved in investigating the murder of a security guard at the Royal Ontario Museum, where she is an assistant curator. In her office, Dr. Hunter has numerous artifacts from her recent dig in Mexico. These include a stele, which Nick is able to decipher because he had once been an archaeologist, and himself had excavated a site there a century earlier.

The stele has a series of numbers on it. He lightly tells Dr. Hunter that they are the same as the security code for the elevator at his apartment. It astonishes her that a police officer would be able to read Mayan glyphs, and she investigates him further. What she discovers fascinates her. In the conclusion, "Dark Knight: The Second Chapter", she keeps calling him; but he is incommunicado. She therefore uses the numbers on the stele to go to the loft.

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