800px-Mcgill University Arts Building

The McGill University Arts Building is a focal point on the campus.

In the episode "Forward Into the Past", Aristotle creates a false identity for Madelyn Pinchot, who had been Katherine Barrington's secretary. One of the details he included was the information that she had attended McGill University as an undergraduate.

There is no actual evidence that Madelyn (or "Natasha Perry", as she was known in her new identity) ever actually attended McGill.

McGill UniversityEdit

McGill University is located in Montreal, in the province of Quebec. It was the first non-denominational university in the British Empire. The original McGill College was founded in 1821 with a legacy from James McGill, a merchant of Montreal, making it one of the oldest universities in Canada. Originally, classes had to be held in his country home, until the Arts Building was built in 1839.

McGill's main campus is at the foot of Mount Royal in downtown Montreal. The language of instruction is English, although students have the right to submit any graded work in either English or French (except when learning a language is an objective of the course). The university has been recognized for its award-winning research and participates in research organizations both within Canada and in the world.

Adapted from the Wikipedia article on McGill University.

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